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What is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival?

May 27, 2019 Writer:HENTO

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When talking about China's Dragon Boat Festival, people often think of one person. His name is QuYuan. At that time, QuYuan advocated giving tribute to the sages, enriching the country,strengthening the army, struggling the Qin together with Qi. He was strongly opposed by the nobles and others. QuYuan was deported and was driven out of the capital and exiled to the Yi and Xiang River basins. In his exile, he wrote poems such as Li Sao, Tian Wen, and Jiu Ge, which are worried about the country and the people. In 278 BC, the Qin army attacked the Chu State of Kyoto. QuYuan saw that his motherland was invaded and his heart was cut, but he could not bear to abandon his motherland. On May 5, after writing the penguin "Huai Sha" The bouldering casts its own name. QuYuan's patriotic spirit and touching poetry have been widely rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, people later used the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan.
Later,Dragon Boat Festival,together with the Spring Festival, the Ching Ming Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival, are known as the four biggest traditional Chinese folk festivals. What interesting things do people do at this festival?

Dragon Boat match is an important activity in Dragon Boat Festival holiday.It is especially  popular in the southern coastal areas of China. After being sent abroad, it was deeply loved by people all over the world and it became to be one of the international competitions.Dragon Boat match has a long history and is a collective paddling competition for many people. The dragon boat race is divided into several sections, such as Dragon, Dragon God, Dragon and Dragon. Before the dragon boat race, it is generally necessary to hold a grand ritual ceremony. First, please ask the dragon and sacrifice the god. For example, in Guangdong Dragon Boat, you must choose auspicious day to pick up from the water before the Dragon Boat Festival. After the sacrifice of God, you will be placed on the faucet and the dragon tail, and then prepare for the race. In the past, when people sacrificed the dragon god, the atmosphere was very serious, and they prayed for blessings, good weather, evil spirits, disasters, and everything. In the hometown of Quyuan in Hubei, there was also a ritual of dragon boat rituals to worship QuYuan.

Another activity is making and eating Zongzi.Zongzi is mainly made of rice, fillings and cilantro (or loquat leaves), which have a wide variety of patterns. Due to the different eating habits of different places, the glutinous rice has formed a north-south flavor; from the taste, the medlar has two categories: salty and sweet. The custom of the Dragon Boat Festival has been prevalent in China for thousands of years. It has become one of the most influential and widely covered folk customs of the Chinese nation, and it has spread to North Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Later the material become wider and wider.There are chowders, rice is mixed with animal meat, chestnut, red dates, red beans, etc., the variety is increased, and the scorpion is also used as a gift for communication. In the Tang Dynasty, the rice used by the scorpion was "white as jade", and its shape appeared tapered and diamond-shaped. In the Song Dynasty, there was already a "candied fruit", that is, fruit was imported. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Xunzi became auspicious food; and according to legend, those who participated in the imperial examinations at that time, before going to the examination room, had to eat the "Pen Zongzi" specially dedicated to them at home, which looks like a brush, homophonic. It is expected that the people will make it after they eat "Pen Zongzi".

In Chinese traditional culture, the five colors "cyan, red, white, black, and yellow" that symbolize the five elements and five elements are regarded as auspicious colors. During Dragon Boat Festival,people are tied with a five-color silk thread. It used to be a popular festival. It has been passed down to the later generations, that is, it has developed into many kinds of beautiful ornaments such as long life scorpion, long life lock, and scented scented bag. The production is also becoming more and more refined, becoming a unique folk art of the Dragon Boat Festival. On the Dragon Boat Festival, children are required to wear five-color silk thread on their wrists and ankles to exorcise evil spirits. The traditional custom, using red, green, yellow, white and black thick silk thread into a color string, tied to the child's arm or neck, from May 5th, until the Tanabata "Seven Niangma" birthday, only solved with Jin Hao Burning. Another said that in the first rainy day after the Dragon Boat Festival, cutting the colorful lines and throwing them in the rain means that the river will wash away the plague and disease, which means that it can go to evil and disasters, which will bring good luck.
There are other interesting activities,such as hanging wormwood, flying kites, washing in herbal water, drawing people’s amount, drinking realgar and so on.In short, this is an exciting and desirable holiday. If you are interested, we welcome you to come to China to experience it.