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Woodworking cold press series models are used to press the furniture plate wooden doors all kinds of sheet metal as well as furniture leveling stereotypes can make the bonding between the plate more solid. Woodworking cold press work in the form of hydraulic type. The hydraulic cold press work noise is small fast lifting speed strong pressure stability low maintenance rate.

The machine is mainly composed of: hydraulic system electrical control system pressure plate balancing mechanism pressure plate and body composition.
(1) hydraulic system: from the fuel tank fuel tank oil pump pump motor control valve block and pressure gauge composition. The tank is filled with oil and the oil pump is driven by the pump motor to pump the oil. The oil is sent to the cylinder by connecting the tubing to allow the cylinder to work. Wherein the relief valve controls the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system and acts as a safety valve to prevent the passage from passing through; the one-way throttle valve can cause the back pressure to produce the back pressure during the pressing process and the electromagnetic ball valve is used to hold System pressure pressure gauge to show the pressure size.
(2) electrical control system: mainly by the main circuit and control circuit the circuit using automatic circuit breakers fuses AC contactor on the machine motor solenoid valve such as overload short circuit loss of pressure and undervoltage protection.
(3) pressure plate balance mechanism: mainly by the balance lifting rack lifting gear rotating shaft fixed rotating bearing composition. About two balanced rack mounted on the fuselage rotating shaft fixed at both ends of the lifting gear both ends of the rotating shaft bearing so that the rotation axis can be flexible rotation. When the lifting plate is lifted the lifting gear does not balance the meshing rotation of the rack so that the pressure plate always keeps the balance during the lifting process.

Model HT-LYJ01
Work piece dimensions 2500*1250mm
Max pressure 50T
Voltage 380V
 Installed power 4kw
Max.press thickness 1300mm
Speed of mainshaft 2800r/m
Dimensions 2950*1250*2500MM
Weight 2000kg 



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